Hanna Autosamplers HI921 & HI922

Automate up to 18 Samples

Hanna HI921 and HI922 Autosamplers are automated titration sample handling systems designed for use with the HI932 or HI902C Automatic Titration Systems respectively, making multiple sample titrations quick and easy.

With the Autosampler, up to 18 samples can be run consecutively. Hanna Autosamplers interface directly with the compatible titrator to access titration methods. Once a titration method is established, the user can fully customize the automation sequence of their samples for this method. Sample names and size can be customized or auto-filled with preset values. One beaker can be designated for storage purposes before and after titration sequences; up to three beakers per tray can be designated for an electrode rinse sequence, allowing for sufficient removal of solutions that are hard to clean between each sample titration. During each sample titration, the real-time progress is shown on the Automatic Titrators display. Finished sample results and graphs can be accessed during and after the titrations have finished.

Once the Autosampler sequence is complete, two reports are available for review: a sequence report featuring a table outlining each sample name, beaker position, sample size, and result for the tray, and a detailed titration report for each individual sample, including the graph of the titration data.

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